Candace and Cast

 The Cast at Candace 'n' Company


  Candace Reed: A friendly and outgoing young lady fresh out of college, Candace hopes to one day marry and have her own family. While she works hard toward the upkeep of her rented suburban house, Candace tackles her job as an administrative assistant with far less enthusiasm, frequently getting her in trouble at the office. She loves telling jokes and playing sports, especially baseball.

  Megan Thomas: Candace’s often hotheaded roommate, Megan, a salesclerk, contributes her half toward expenses while leaving Candace to do virtually all of the cooking, cleaning, etc. Despite some differences in character, the two roommates usually get along well enough, but an added strain on the relationship exists whenever Megan is the target of one of Candace’s jokes (which is often).

  Bob Davis: Candace’s boss, Bob rents space in an office building where he relies on his inept employee to keep his generic white-collar business up and running. Despite Candace’s frustrating shortcomings, Bob reminds himself that a more capable assistant would be entitled to higher wages. His favorite pastime is golfing, a pursuit that for him usually only leads to further aggravation.

  Elmira Davis: Usually addressed as “Ellie”, Bob’s wife is obsessed with physical health, and exercises every day. She has taken a liking to Candace, often getting after both her and Bob to keep active. Her other favorite hobby is spending, and this is often the subject of an argument between her and her husband. Sometimes Candace finds herself playing the role of an unwilling spectator to one of their many quarrels.

  Fido: A headstrong little dog of unknown breed, Fido is Candace’s pet pooch, but, like many pet owners, Candace thinks of him more as her own child. Although Megan acts like she dislikes Fido (often calling him “Mutt”), she’s secretly rather fond of the canine member of the household.


  1. Keep drawing!! You're really good!

    1. Thanks so much! I will keep drawing!