How I Draw Candace & Co.

How I draw a Candace 'n' Company Strip: 

Phase 1: Analog Component 

Step 1: 
Penciling.  This is my favorite part. Mistakes are easy to erase, 
or I can just ignore them!

Step 2: 
Inking  This can be tedious, requiring multiple breaks.
 Mistakes need to be 'whited out'. 

Step 3: 
Erasing pencil lines.   If I don't give the ink time to dry out, things 
can get ugly in a hurry. I finish up by signing my work, 
thus completing the original comic strip.

Phase 2: 
Digital Component 

Step 4: 
Scanning the cartoon. My strips are wider than the scanning 
surface, so I'm compelled to scan it in two parts.

Step 5: 
Putting it together onscreen.  Using a drawing tablet and 
Photoshop Elements on my PC, I work the two halves together.

Step 6: 
Coloring.  Another tedious aspect of the process that I often 
don't enjoy, but it's necessary. I use coloring for shading and highlighting as well. 

And here is a piece of the completed cartoon! 

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